Good Lookin’ Games — The Best E3 Trailers

Martin Sahlin YarnyThe thing about conventions like E3, or any pop culture convention, is that everything is fine while it’s just a hyped idea. Who knows what the final product will be — a triumph, or so full of bugs it barely functions — but on the convention floor, nothing matters except the pretty, pretty trailers and gnarly ideas.

So, for now, lets just enjoy our excitement for the games to come. Here are the ones that left the biggest impressions.

Unravel — Honestly, the guy who gave the presentation for Unravel was so cute and nervous, he’s half the reason we want to play it. And the gameplay looks sweet, too.

Dreams — this game has to be seen to be understood, and even then, we’re scratching our heads as to what it is exactly.

Star Wars: Battlefront — If you’re hyped about the next installation of the Star Wars franchise, this multiplayer teaser from the upcoming game set between Empire and Jedi will make you even more eager.

Final Fantasy VII — Wait, isn’t that already a game? Yes. A hugely popular, classic game, that Square Enix has decided to remake for Playstation 4. And it looks…pretty sweet.

Kingdom Hearts 3 — Square Enix couldn’t forget about everybody’s favorite Disney expanded universe game, and we finally have something fresh for it.

Fallout 4 — really stretching the new generation consoles to their limit, Fallout 4 looks to take open worlds even further.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Robot dinosaurs, crumbling civilizations, and a female protagonist? Let’s go.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Ready to be a space cowboy? Bioware sure hopes so. The teaser for the next installment of the beloved (and epic anger inducing) franchise is here.

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